Reports & Briefing Papers

Policy Platform:

2014-2015 30 for 30 Campaign Policy Platform


From the Ground Up: Community-Informed Policy Recommendations for Women Living with and at Risk of HIV (May 2017)

HIV Prevention, Care, and Treatment for Women

Public Comments on Proposed Revised Medical Criteria for Evaluating HIV Infection and for Evaluating Functional Limitation in Immune Systems Disorder (Docket No. SSA 2007-0082) (May 2014)

Affordable Care Act Priorities: Opportunities for Addressing the Critical Health Care Needs of Women Living with or at Risk for HIV (July 2012)

Briefing Papers

Issue Brief: Immigrant Women & HIV (October 2016)

Issue Brief: Structural and Personal Violence: Connected Drivers of Women’s HIV Acquisition and Compromisers of Health Outcomes for Women Living with HIV

Issue Brief: HIV and Young Women & Girls in the US (April 2016)

Briefing Paper: Integrating HIV and Sexual and Reproductive Health Service Provision (January 2016)

Briefing Paper: Making HIV Prevention Work for Women

Briefing Paper: Ending HIV-Related Health Care Disparities for Women

Briefing Paper: Making HIV Care and Treatment Work for Women